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Delve into the minds behind your favourite WA wines in ‘Meet The Winemakers’. Answering questions from the editorial team behind the published Wineries of Western Australia magazine, the winemakers delve into everything from their influences and inspirations, to their favourite wine and food combinations. If you’re more interested in cooking with wine, or finding that perfect accompaniment to that special bottle, then head over to ‘Wine and Food’ where you’ll discover an array of delicious recipes that highlight wines from your local wineries. In ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’, you can keep up to date with all the latest news from wineries through Western Australia.

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Western Australian winemakers share their history, inspirations and future plans.

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The latest news from the local Western Australian wine industry.


A cacophony of delectable recipes to accompany your preferred drop.

Wine Regions

Western Australia is renowned for producing exceptional wines. The region’s diverse microclimates and terroirs allow for the cultivation of a wide range of grape varietals. Whether you prefer rich red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz or elegant whites like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, Western Australia has something to offer for every wine lover. Western Australia’s wine regions boast breathtaking landscapes. From the rolling vineyards of Margaret River to the scenic countryside of Swan Valley and the picturesque valleys of the Great Southern region, the surroundings of the wineries are often as captivating as the wines themselves. Exploring these regions allows you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Western Australia.

Winery Articles

If you’ve every wondered where to discover more about Western Australia and it’s amazing wineries, than look no further than the following features. Written for the published issue of Wineries of Western Australia magazine, the articles showcase everything from the process of making wine, to the soil and area in which their grapes are grown. With in-depth insight from local winemakers and winery owners alike, the following features will be sure to enlighten your knowledge of the wine industry of Western Australia.

Taste It For Yourself

Taste It For Yourself

There’s something special about a small-operation vineyard compared to a larger winery – a familiarity and friendliness that can’t be replicated in a more commercialised environment. Mongrel Creek Estate is one such vineyard. Here, Wineries of Western Australia’s Jacqueline Foy sits down with Larry Schoppe.

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To Taste, To Treasure

To Taste, To Treasure

Among their gorgeous, sprawling vineyards, rich histories and delicious wines, wineries are one of the few places to experience the delight of guided wine tastings. Kirrily Ireland consults Matt Johnston, cellar door manager of Doc Adams Wines, to find out how wine...

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