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Voyager Estate
Voyager Estate
Voyager Estate
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“Written in a tranquil and enchanting pocket of the Geographe wine region, Talisman’s story is one of family, ambition, and commitment.”

Voyager Estate
Voyager Estate

Talisman Wines

Talisman Wines

Upon arrival at the cellar door, nestled at the edge of a dam in a lowland of the Ferguson Valley, you can almost hear the memories of the Robinson family. From 1999, Kim and Jenny Robinson started producing fruit for a number of award-winning wineries before establishing their own footprint in 2009, when the Talisman label was born. These days, Kim can still be found roaming the vines alongside his daughter, Anita, vigneron and second generation of Talisman.

Since joining Talisman in 2009, Head Winemaker Peter Stanlake has remained dedicated to creating delicate and fruit focused wines with minimal intervention and time on oak for most varieties. Like all true connoisseurs who know the importance of finer details, Pete’s winemaking philosophy varies from wine to wine. His exceptional knowledge of oak, developed over years working in the barrel stream of the industry, is integral to the finishing of Talisman’s traditional varieties.

The afternoon sea breeze gives respite to the vines during the warm and balmy Mediterranean summers, while winters of abundant rainfall soak the soils of the cascading vineyard. Written in a tranquil and enchanting pocket of the Geographe wine region, Talisman’s story is one of family, ambition, and commitment.

Sitting on the deck at the cellar door, swirling a glass of Talisman’s much loved Zinfandel on the armrest of a deck chair, take in the steep hillside vista of undisturbed bushland hanging over the water’s edge. The vineyard is a pristine example of the cascading landscapes, diverse varieties and exceptional quality you find in the Ferguson Valley.

The 210-acre property is a parcel of fields, vineyards, bush and natural waterways. Set just forty kilometres back from the Indian ocean and surrounded by pine forest, the vineyard exists in a completely unique microclimate. The distinct qualities of the soils can be tasted in every glass, while the protected vineyard pocket provides a cool and consistent home for fruit, resulting in elegant and highly aromatic wines.

Stretched across undulating hill faces and hugged by the Wellington National Park grow the lines of chardonnay, riesling, zinfandel, merlot, shiraz, cabernet, malbec and sauvignon blanc. Scattered between rows of fruit you’ll see macadamia trees growing in an ancient creek bed, and baby emus roaming. A truly picturesque Geographe hidden gem.

Tasting Notes

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon
⇐ 2022 Riesling

Still in its youthful stage, this lovely riesling has freshness and vitality. Tastes of citrus peel, barley sugar, chamomile and ginger are highlighted by the preserved lemon style acidity. Structured to develop and improve for many years.

2021 Coastal Cabernet Sauvignon
⇐ 2022 Gabrielle Chardonnay

Elements of fruit, yeast lees, toasty oak and MLF come together to craft the rich and seamless palate of this chardonnay. Hints of crème caramel, brioche and toffee are pulled together by the natural acidity of the chardonnay fruit.

2022 Chardonnay
⇐ 2019 Cabernet Malbec

Lifted classic cabernet cassis dominates with the support of cherry plums and prunes from the malbec in this midweight but complex cabernet. Hints of black olive and leather show the wine is developing gracefully.

2023 Chenin Blanc
⇐ 2020 Zinfandel

The classic Zin character of ripe raspberry lollies is backed by a complex array of notes typical of the Talisman vineyard. Supporting hints of beeswax, choc mint and earthy beetroot lift the wine, making the palate big, rich and structured to last.


Getting There
Off King Tree Road,
Wellington Mill

Contact Details
Mobile: 0401 599 266
Email: info@talismanwines.com.au
Website: talismanwines.com.au

Cellar Door
Open weekends, 11am to 4pm
Bookings are required for groups of 6+ or for tastings outside opening times


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Additional Features
Tastings at private residences, workplaces or clubs for corporate tasting