Clairault Streicker Wineries of WA
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The Central Western Australia Wineries area covers some of WA’s most well-known winery destinations!

A step outside of Western Australia’s more booming wine regions, this zone contains several immaculate wineries and vineyards.

Perhaps sometimes overlooked, Central Western Australia is home to some hidden gems, vineyards that produce incredible wines and offer magnificent scenery. This zone benefits from its close proximity to Perth, as many of the wineries within it are just a stones throw from the CBD, making it the perfect day trip for any city slickers looking to taste wines and bask in the Western Australian sun among the grape vines.

The zone is made up of such shires as Moora, Toodyay, Northam, Victoria Plains, West Arthur, Broomehill and many other surrounding municipalities.

Be sure not to write off this beautiful zone when searching for your new favourite wine.


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